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Our products

Our material and technical resources enable to maintain a wide range of accumulatively efficient facilities, which complement one another at various stages of manufacturing process and promotes deeper and nonwaste raw materials processing. As a result of this processing the following finished products can be manufactured:

  • Upper, bottom and lining leather for footwear;
  • Rawhide, band leather and bridle leather;
  • Leather for gloves;
  • Leather for clothing;
  • Leather for haberdashery;
  • Leather for furniture.

Our Benefits


wholesale prices

In-house  production. Our prices are lower than Russian and Belorusian manufacturers have


high-quality workmanship

Our plant is equipped with modern technological facilities produced in Germany, Italia, Austria


fast delivery

We deliver within Kazakhstan and any CIS country


About Us

ТОО “Tarazkozhobuv” was founded in 2002 on the basis of former industrial facility  “DzhambulskiyKozhKombinat” which was established in 1961 in Dzhambul and was one of the biggest leather and footwear enterprises of the USSR.

“Tarazkozhobuv” has fully integrated production

The plant consists of:

  • Raw material processing tannage;
  • Soaking and liming workshop;
  • Tanning workshop;
  • Dyeing and fat-liquoring workshop;
  • Shoe factory;
  • Safety shoes workshop;
  • Chrome men’s shoes workshop;
  • Stock-preparation workshop;
  • Auxiliary production facilities;
  • Central maintenance facility;
  • Repair and building workshop;
  • Local waste treatment facilities;
  • Disposal fields;
  • 13 warehouses for raw materials and finished products;
  • Vehicle fleet;
  • Service utility;
  • 4 electrical power substations of 800 kV each;
  • 4 cold water conveying boreholes;
  • Gas-burning boiler house;
  • Steam-generating boiler house.

All the manufacturing requirements are covered by own-produced products.In 2009 the shoe factory was additionally equipped with two German “Desma” injection machines  within the framework of production reconstruction and modernization. The purchased equipment has an opportunity to produce an extended range of  shoe soles.

Also in 2009 Italian equipment such as “Mosconi”, “Rizzi”, “Cartigliano”, “Jimatto”, ”Carlessi” was purchased. Aditionnaly automatic chemical solutions supply which allows to raise our production volumes and to improve the quality and range of leather products was set up. Our company has developed a new Italian technology of producing a hydrophobic (with water-repellent effect) chrome leather of increased thickness for the top of footwear and semi-finished products.

Lab testing demonstrated the footwear made of this leather can be submerged for up to 7 hours staying impermeable to water.

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